Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Koridor YouTube and Podcast programs, our students have the chance to experience new media activities. Our students gain their production capabilities that they showcase in these productions gain through the courses and workshops that they receive for four years. Also, with documentary efforts such as “Faili Meşhur: 3 Suikast 3 Gazeteci” and “Bâb-ı Ali’ den İkitelli’ye Gazetecilik” they meet the motivating effect of research and working with various disciplines aside from journalism. Our academic staff consisting of prominent names in journalism sector supports the productions of the students with their interdisciplinary perspectives and lead our students to participate in national and international competitions and activities, as well as efforts with other departments. Focus Program Within the scope of concentration program, students who choose courses from the departments that we collaborate with and finish successfully earn the right to a certificate depending on the program that they choose, and their Focus program info is added to their diploma appendix. Departments that students can apply to within the scope of focus program are as follows: Economics, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Anthropology, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, Culture and Art Management. Advertising Design and Communication Anthropology English Language and Literature Guidance and Psychological Counselling History Political Science and International Relations (Eng. - Fr.) Public Relations and Publicity Radio, Television and Cinema Sociology Translation Studies Turkish Language and Literature Visual Communication and Design 151 Double Major Programs