Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Business Simulations and Internships Double Diploma Agreement with University of North Carolina Wilmington 180 The Department of Business Administration aims to educate its students as graduates who have the competence to work in different levels of multinational companies or to establish and manage their own companies. When the changes in the national and international business world are considered, the importance of an undergraduate business education model in which our business graduates can feel the difference comes to the forefront. Our academic program consists of courses aiming at shaping the basic executive and leader competencies; courses and practices focused on developing intellectual and multicultural competencies, and modular courses regarding rich sub-specialties of the students’ targeted industries and interests. Business Simulations and Internships In addition, in close cooperation with our stakeholders, opportunities are created to enable students to combine theory and practice. We provide students with field experience through internship practice by using learning environments in education with business simulations. Business Administration