Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

74 Interior Architecture Academic Education Year by Year In addition to the Architectural Technical Drawing courses that will provide learning of two-dimensional basic drawing techniques and three-dimensional technical expressions at different scales, there is a Basic Design course that aims to gain abstract thinking skills and develop design skills. Drawing and Expression Techniques course, which aims to teach students the techniques of presenting their ideas in two or three dimensions by using different materials and colouring their projects by using different materials, theoretical course of Materials in Interior Space, Building Knowledge and Fine Construction applied courses and Space Knowledge course on how to design different interior spaces are included in the first-year programme. The Introduction to Interior Architecture Project course, which aims to develop the ability to perceive and define the space in three dimensions, to construct and organise the space, is also a first-year course. Project courses, which start from the second year and are prerequisites for each other, continue by diversifying the scale and content of the design problem until the Diploma Project. In the second year, living space and sales environment designs are made respectively. Building Knowledge II and Spatial Knowledge II courses and Installation and Lighting courses, which continue in the second year, contribute to professional knowledge and students reflect their knowledge to their designs in project courses. The architectural concepts and the structures produced by different civilisations in different periods starting from before Christ are transferred to the students in the History of Architecture course. Computer aided design and modelling courses strengthen students’ project presentation techniques. Surveying courses are given in order to explain the current conditions of the buildings through drawing and to ensure the protection of architectural objects of cultural value with the correct methods. In addition, students can take departmental elective courses to strengthen their two and three dimensional presentation and expression techniques and free elective courses in line with their curiosity. In order to better prepare students for professional life, the first 30-day construction site and 30-day office internship is carried out at the end of the second year. YEAR YEAR