Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Visual Communication Design Visual Communication Design is an innovative field that regards every environment as a mutual communication process, adapts to multimedia, brings together the fields of communication, media, art and technology, and provides solutions to the visual needs of the 21st century with its interdisciplinary structure. Department of Visual Communication Design aims to bring up graduates who can transform their conceptual and practical knowledge into meaningful, up-to-date and original design products by using their imagination, who can develop strong communication strategies, produce design-oriented solutions based on aesthetic perception, gain technological competence in line with the requirements of the 21st century to develop creative and inquisitive contents. Curriculum Covering the Latest Fields of Study The department has a curriculum that includes 3D animation, game design, interactive design and video production. It provides students with the expertise in different branches of Visual Communication Design through its general education approach and gives students the chance to choose their own expertise with their projects and workshops. 53% of our students are on a scholarship Applied Education in 7 laboratories İLEDAK-accredited curriculum 162