Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Double Major Programs Business Administration Economy E-Commerce and Management Interior Architecture International Finance International Trade and Business Logistics Management Mathematics Physics Radio, Television and Cinema Tourism Management In order to enable our students to adapt to the evolving computer age and to develop themselves in related fields that are contemporary, innovative and will shape the future; elective courses such as programming mobile devices, information directives, virtualization and cloud computing systems, programming languages theory, scripting languages, decision support systems, 3D design and game programming and data mining are included in the program. Up-to-Date Syllabus with Pioneering Companies of the Industry. In order to graduate our students with the competencies to meet the need of personnel in the IT sector, the curriculum is updated every year by meeting the leading companies in this sector (Cisco, SAP, Oracle, etc.). For this purpose, the Internet of Things, which is one of the most important trends of our age, has been included in our department curriculum as a theoretical and practical course. Cisco Certified Network Specialization Course Students who take the Network Expert courses given in our Information Systems and Technologies Department can become Cisco Certified Network Specialists if they pass the Cisco exams. Our department is within the scope of Microsoft Academic Alliance and the curriculum of a series of courses has been harmonized with Microsoft. 133