Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Prof. Dr. Billur ÜLGER Dean of the Faculty of Communication We, as the Faculty of Communication Family, open the doors of the communication world with our intellectual and sectoral experience on dozens of subjects such as teamwork, strategy building, creating ideas, presenting ideas, selling ideas, achieving the delicate balance between “I can do anything for 100 percent customer satisfaction” and the moral individual. Each member of this family aims to act as a guide in the framework of his / her own mission and vision, both during university life and after graduation. As of 2018-2019 Academic Year, the long-term internship application which placed our students in local government units, nongovernmental organizations, commercial organizations and the most respected institutions of the communication industry by our faculty will make our graduates from this family more qualified individuals. Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Communication educates individuals who are inquisitive and able to follow the pace of the ever-changing world of communication, are able to question and to criticize, to be aware of the global realities, to understand the cause-andeffect relationships, to analyze and solve problems, to be productive, self-confident, aware of their social responsibilities thanks to its staff of academic and professional staff who are innovative and forward-thinking. In addition to the solid theoretical knowledge gained in the faculty, our students come together with sector representatives, who are experts in their fields, through platforms such as lectures, seminars and workshops and increase their experience. Students from five different departments meet under the umbrella of the Communication Agency (İLA) in our faculty and can participate in national and international competitions by producing joint projects and find the opportunity to invest in their professional careers with the awards they receive today. In addition, our students have the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with practical studies at our News Agency, Radio and Television Studios and Mac Laboratories. Our faculty is proud of its successful graduates representing “Yeditepe Communication” brand nationally and internationally and it continues to bring up well-informed individuals equipped with academic and Professional skills, have good command of English, adopt ethical principles and aware of individual rights and obligations for the society and the business world. Communication Education Evaluation and Accreditation Board 145