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After I have started my studies in the Department of Mathematics in Yeditepe University, I also realized my interest in the information industry. Thanks to my electives regarding to the field, I was able to develop myself further. My analytical intelligence which I developed through my studies on mathematics enabled me to speed up my progress in the information field. After I graduated from the department as first in my class, I started working as a systems analyst in a software company, and thanks to my talents I acquired during my time at my university, I was able to quickly advance in my career. Also, with the scholarship Yeditepe University provides for the valedictorians, I also continue my Master’s Degree in Data Analysis Program. Barış Arslan 4th Year Student Meltem Beydemir Alumni My interest in mathematics started in 8th grade and continued until 11th grade. When I reached 11th grade, I decided to step into the magical world of Mathematics and I won the Department of Mathematics at Yeditepe University in 2018. First of all, I started with the English preparatory programme. In 2019, I entered the real world of mathematics. I am currently in my senior year. During this time, I have added a lot to myself; not only in mathematics, but also in other fields related to mathematics such as software, finance and such. I was able to reach these opportunities with the elective course rights offered by our school. Our department offers us the opportunity to improve ourselves not only in mathematics but also in many other fields. 97 Student Comments