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Research Laboratories

As a research university, Yeditepe University continues its scientific research as well as education in 181 laboratories and workshops, adding on to its contribution to industry and our society.

R & D and Analysis Central Laboratories (YU-RDAC)

YU-RDAC is a laboratory complex with international validity accreditations that provides testing services to different industries. Within its body, there are Private Food Control Laboratories, Soil-Soil Regulators, Plant and

Water Analysis Laboratories, Cosmetics and Biocidal Analysis Laboratories, Drug Analysis Laboratories, Pool Water Analysis Laboratories, Mine Analysis Laboratory and Industrial Analysis Laboratories and R & D Laboratories that serve many other fields. These laboratories are authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as well as the Ministry of Health. Besides, in accordance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17025, our lab is accredited by the Turkish Institution of Accreditation (TÜRKAK) in 414 parameters. Apart from the aforementioned, the Turkish Institution of Standardization has approved our laboratories as a “Laboratory that can provide experiment services”. YU-RDAC continues to strive within the scope of its mission of providing accurate and reliable services within the authorized fields of analysis and providing customer satisfaction by keeping its knowledge, experience and competence up to date and constantly improving.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department's Research Laboratory

In the research laboratory of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, whose research facilities are regularly updated and developed, undergraduate, postgraduate master's/doctorate thesis researches, scientific studies and projects are carried out.

Cartography Laboratory

The Cartography Laboratory was established in 2022 with the aim of producing thematic maps on different national and international subjects in the field of Social Sciences and using these maps in education, research and academic studies.

The work conducted by our laboratory team, consisting of active and graduate volunteer students, aims to strengthen the geographic information systems (GIS) infrastructure and services of our university, to provide a common platform for information integration, to develop innovative research at local, regional and international levels, and to support scientific research and projects.

There are 15 computers in our laboratory, and maps are produced primarily by using “QGIS” and licensed “ARCGIS PRO” (Educational Academic Departmental Medium Term Concurrent Use License - 50 Users) programs. In addition to these programs, the programs "Cartes & Données" and "Tableau Public" are also used.

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