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Board of Trustees

Our Foundation and our University carry on activities according to the education plan formed by our founding President Mr. Bedrettin Dalan within the frame of Ministry of National Education and Council of Higher Education legislation. We continue to raise generations that serve both founding purposes of the Republic of Turkey and our own existential philosophy which coincides with ‘people of a free mind, free conscious, and free wisdom'. We are proud to witness that our graduates are in key positions of top organizations both at home and abroad.

Our University raises generations that possess personal decision-making skills, self-confidence, and a sense of patriotism – values they use in overcoming any obstacles while preserving their own values and remaining loyal to their country and people.

Yeditepe University, not being indifferent to the technological changes that are occurring on a daily basis, invests in Research and Development systems and obtains patents of more than 130 products. With a top-notch university-industry partnership and a solid philosophy that embraces vision, diversity, and people-oriented quality in education, our university will continue raising quality generations and will stay at the forefront of national education thanks to the courage and motivation it gets from Atatürk's revolutions and principles.

"Future will be shaped by you – the youth."

Chairman of The Board of Trustees
Yusuf Akgün