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Ethics Boards

Research which is to be carried out without requiring direct intervention of a physician and without the need for any interventional procedures is evaluated in this board. 

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Establishment of minimum ethical standards regarding the methods and materials used in basic activities such as scientific research and testing with experimental animals at Yeditepe University, establishing new principles when necessary, making arrangements for their practices, expressing opinions in line with ethical principles and evaluating the research proposals in this respect, is to determine the establishment and working principles of the "Yeditepe University Local Ethics Board of Animal Testing” (YÜDHEK)

Within the framework of the “Regulation on the Changing of the Regulation of Clinical Research”, this is prepared with the aim of following the rules and conditions that are to be followed by a researcher who is assigned at duty in clinical research which is conducted in our country when this researcher in question wants to include, under their observance and supervision, a qualified person from a commercial or academic-contracted research establishment which conducts work accordingly to the well-intended clinical applications and scientific pillars, as a field operator for the application of Central Organisation Administration within the field of research.

The coordinating physicians/participating physicians involved in observational drug studies may want to include, under their observance and supervision, a person who is qualified enough as data-entry support personnel in order to save their data in the necessary environment. This person must be from a commercial or academic contracted research organization working in accordance with scientific principles and well-intended clinical practices. At the same time, this guideline is designed to determine the rules and conditions to be followed regarding data entry support. Data entry support personnel are assigned to researches that are defined in the current guideline on observational drug studies. For detailed information, you can visit

Ethics Board of Science and Engineering

Ethics Board of Social Sciences and Humanities

To determine the norms of scientific ethics to be observed in all kinds of scientific researches, studies, publications and activities to be carried out in various units of Yeditepe University and the duties, powers, responsibilities and also to determine the working procedures of the Ethics Board of Health Sciences.