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About Yeditepe

Having been founded in 1996 by Istanbul Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi (ISTEK – Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation), Yeditepe University, in line with Ataturk’s principles, with its pioneering and distinguished academic and administrative staff, aims to raise young people that are modern, inquisitive, equipped with all the qualifications that are needed in business world and all the technological skills necessary, well-versed in different cultures and personally well developed. With its contemporary academic programs and applications, our University offers an education that is necessary for people of the age of information.

Yeditepe University offers an education compatible with the expectations of the information age and carries out its academic activities at 13 Faculties namely Dentistry, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, Medical, Computer and Information Sciences2 Schools and 1 Vocational School entailing 69 undergraduate and 4 associate degree programs. Also, postgraduate education is conducted in 91 Master's Degree programs and 44 Doctoral Degree programs within the body of graduate schools of Ataturk's Principles and Revolution History, European Studies, Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Natural Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences. Yeditepe University, of which medium of instruction is English, prepares the youth from all over Turkey for their future in 26 Ağustos Campus since the day it was founded.

Yeditepe University’s home is 26 Ağustos Campus, which is equipped with everything a student might need, educational, cultural, artistic, sportive, etc. during his or her time in Yeditepe. 26 Ağustos Campus is located on the outskirts of Kayışdağı on the Asian Side of Istanbul, with a land of 125 thousand square meters and a building area of 223 thousand square meters. Apart from the educational halls, social areas and open areas, in 26 Ağustos Campus, which is built with the inspiration of Seljuk architecture, there are two student halls of residence with a total capacity of 3.641 students

Our University, which was named number one among the foundation universities among Turkey by the 2017 and 2018 reviews of Green Metric, an international platform about sustainability and environmental awareness and determines the greenest universities around the world, is also and only University in Turkey that produces its own energy by the solar panels on the rooftops within the campus. The system, being the largest-scale rooftop application in Istanbul, has a capacity of 1 MW and consists of 3850 Axitex panels and a Huawei Inverter. Also, there are efforts to build a wind energy farm with an output of 350 kW in an area that belongs to our University in Şile. Also, we strive to increase our solar energy output up to 10 mWs.

The entrances to the buildings are through grand gates, some of which rise to 22 meters. With their well-lit courtyards, these are modern structures with the typical features of Seljuk architecture. The surfaces of the buildings are covered with natural stones brought from Anatolia. To keep the buildings cool during the summer and warm during the winter, Ünye stone was used in the facades of the building, and polyurethane for the heat panels.

Mission: To become a university of which education is based on the science of its day, researches take the necessities of its society and transformed into production, taking the national consciousness as a basis for its student’s progress and being in line with the national and international quality systems with is programs and lecturers.

Vision: To education student who are keen on research, creative, authentic, self-confident and enterprising from all scientiflic fields in line with the international requirements of quality education, to provide researches and educational fields, with international students and academic members and to provide society with a lifelong educational environment.

Core Values: Contemporary science and education that takes its roots from Atatürk’s Principles and Republican Renaissance and conducted with a strong belief in serving the society.

With its diverse academic fields ranging from Natural Sciences to Social Sciences, from Fine arts to Healthcare Sciences and Educational Sciences and by presenting double majors, sub branches and education in different countries, Yeditepe University meets its students with a modern education that is in line with the requirements of the ever-developing world. Apart from the academic life, Yeditepe provides an opportunity for self-development to its students with 49 student clubs and various activities. With its successes in 38 different sports branches, Yeditepe is always a top-performer among all the universities in Turkey.

Thanks to over 700 collaborations with other leading universities around the world, primarily in Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Russia, South America and Far East, Yeditepe University pioneers the higher education in Turkey. Being the university with the largest number of students with Erasmus and other exchange programs in Turkey, Yeditepe takes another step forward in this direction with its Academic Collaboration Agreement with Houston Methodist Global, including Faculties of Pharmacy, Healthcare Sciences, Dentistry as well as Medical and Business Schools. Also, our “University – Industry Collaboration”, which we firmly believe is of utmost importance for our students and we have been carrying out successfully, is also another one of our priorities.

Yeditepe University Automotive Club, which consists of students from various departments of our university, continues its activities. Having earned the right to participate in TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge electric car competition, already continues to work on the design and production of the car. Also, Yeditepe University Shell Eco-Marathon Team, which participates in Shell Eco-Marathon regularly since 2010, will also present us in this year’s competition whih will host 200 teams and 3000 students in London with our University’s and private companies’ support.

To meet academic developments with the marketing knowledge of a dynamic corporation, Yeditepe university established Yeditepe Healthcare Services in 2005. Having provided a handful of care products, our company also started to sell organic fertilizers with the brand name of Bactogen, in order to remove the negative factors that harm human beings and produced in accordance with Innovative Agriculture principles. Bactogen products are powered by the highly specialized staff of Yeditepe University Genetic and Bioengineering department and its cutting edge laboratory.

Being a dynamic body of higher education, Yeditepe University continues to grow by developing itself every year. The main goal of our university is to increase the quality of education, to produce science for society, to spread its activities to other parts of the community by providing more scientific contributions to industry and society.

In addition, as an academic institution, we also aim to continue working in scientific studies, to increase the number of foreign agreements and number of patents and provide the country with more qualified graduates.