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Yeditepe University Press

Yeditepe University Press has been established in May 2014, aiming to reach both academic circles and general audience with its publications.

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Ahmet Aydın, editing commitee reviews various publications from different fields such as; social sciences, architecture, chemistry, history, medicine, law, philosophy, arts. With its publications it is aimed to contribute not only to the academic world but also to the general cultural environment of our country.

Publication proposals received by Yeditepe University Press are being reviewed by the field expert referees and after the approval, they are being included within the related publication programme.

The mission of our publication house is not only the transformation of knowledge, but also contribute to the academicians, students and the community in the widest sense; complying with the publishing principles and maintaining the professionalism.

For your publication proposals you may contact to publication directors

You can visit our web site for review our books.

Yeditepe University Press

Yeditepe University Press Editor Özge Özgür 

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Yeditepe University Press Chief Editor Didem Bayındır Yenici

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