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In line with the Regulation prepared on the basis of the Private Security Law No. 5188, Yeditepe University General Security Coordinator is dedicated to protect the campus peace and order 24/7 by means of its professional team and advanced camera systems.

It is compulsory for our students to pass the turnstiles at the entrance of the campus using their student cards. Visitors for our academic and administrative staff must have the "Visitor cards" issued by the security officer on the campus after they have declared their identity. Our coordinator aims to provide an efficient and effective service by adopting the principle of satisfaction, which is accepted within the framework of the Law and directives.

General Security Coordinator, with its 46-strong staff consisting of 1 General Security Coordinator, 1 Security Manager, 1 Assistant Security Manager, 3 Security Chiefs, 2 Group Chiefs, 1 Security Officer, 38 private security officers, ensures the protection and safety of the campus.