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Research Centers

" Yeditepe Üniversitesinin sahip olduğu başarının temelinde araştırmaya verdiği önem ve bilimsel kazanımların toplum yararına kullanılması yer alıyor. Bu doğrultuda seçkin akademisyenlerimizin öğrencilerimizle birlikte ürettikleri yenilikçi fikirler araştırma merkezlerimiz ve gelişmiş altyapıya sahip 500'den fazla laboratuvar ile destekleniyor. Üniversitemiz bu çalışmaların sonucu olarak ulusal ve uluslararası 219 tescilli patent ve 537 patent dosyası ile ülkemizin öncü üniversiteleri arasında yer alıyor. "

Research and Application Center for Information Technologies

By conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and studies within the field of information technologies which includes many fields of study including but not limited to information systems, software development and application as well as communication and data transmission; the center organizes seminars and workshops as well as developing projects within the framework of the needs of the headquarters or the shareholders.

Dentistry Center for Education, Application and Research

By focusing on constant development in oral and dental healthcare services, education, research, patient services and national oral and dental healthcare policies and preserving an atmosphere of humanitarian approach and diversity, the center meets the patient expectations while keeping the patient and staff safety and security its primary focus.


Pharmacoeconomic and Pharmacoepidermological Research and Application Center

The center conducts pharmacoeconomical and pharmacoepidemiological research with the collaboration of university, in coordination with the Faculty of Pharmacy, private industry, government and non-government organizations. 

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center

The center, which serves as a department affiliated to Yeditepe University Hospitals with the principle of providing natural medical support to patients applying to the clinic, conducts multidisciplinary work with other department physicians of the hospitals. This service is offered for all diseases diagnosed as "treatable with acupuncture" by the World Health Organization.

Development and Disabilities Application and Research Center

The aim of the center is to conduct research in field education (such as mathematics, science, social sciences, language) for individuals with special needs, to develop instructional designs and related materials, to develop technology-supported educational tools, to participate in the application studies of the developed designs and materials and to share the results.

Eye Diseases Application and Research Center

The goals of the center are to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods in ophthalmology to our people, to conduct the latest scientific research, to train highly qualified ophthalmologists and to provide the necessary opportunities for students continuing their undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in the fields of medicine and health sciences.

Specialization, Application and Research Center

The Specialization, Application and Research Center aims to provide the most advanced diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment methods in internal, surgical and basic medical sciences, especially in the fields of blood and cancer diseases and neurological diseases as a result of various scientific researches, as well as to train qualified medical doctors and to provide the necessary opportunities to students pursuing associate, undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of medical and health sciences, including specialty and upper sub-specialty education.


Confucius Institute

Our institute, one of the four Confucius Institutes in Turkey, continues its teaching and training programs with the support of the academic staff of our University and Nankai University, our main partner in the People's Republic of China. One of the main activities of our institute is the summer camp hosted and jointly organized by Nankai University. Our students who participate in the camp take courses on Chinese language and culture for two weeks and make cultural visits to Tianjin and Beijing. In addition to gaining new competencies by getting to know the Chinese language and culture more closely, the institute also aims to raise awareness of the opportunities available for future planning and career preparations.


Research and Application Center for Global Education and Culture (KEKAM)

The center studies different regions culturally, socially, politically and economically. The main goal is to study Turkey’s similar and different sides of historical and cultural connections with different regions and studying them together and comparatively with an interdisciplinary approach.


Health Services Training, Research and Application Center

It aims to conduct scientific research in order to provide the latest diagnosis and treatment methods regarding to the public health, in line with the requirements and expectations and provide a modernized healthcare service of highest quality and respectful to the rights of the patients; as well as contributing academically to the education and applications of the students who study healthcare sciences in undergraduate and graduate levels.

Continuing Education Application and Research Center (CEC)

In addition to professional specialization certificate programs, people are provided with rich training opportunities in the fields of personal development, computers, foreign languages and arts. YÜSEM also provides individual and corporate training services as well as consultancy services.


Translational Medicine Application and Research Center

The Center conducts national and international research, examination, development and application studies on the transformation of knowledge and technologies to be produced in the fields of Health, Engineering and Social Sciences into hardware, software, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and cosmetic products in line with health needs. The Center organizes seminars and trainings, develops projects, develops software and systems, produces reports and documentation, and analyzes the existing knowledge and technology to transform them into products.


Turkish Culture Application and Research Center

It carries out the activities of bringing the results obtained with scientific methods and techniques to the scientific world, preparing the scientific framework of the historical and cultural commonality of the Turkic Republics and Turkic communities, and updating it according to contemporary strategy and geopolitical conditions.

Management Practice and Research Center

It is established to conduct multidisciplinary researching and consultancy services for public and private industries, and to provide new methods and models of management and techniques for the management problems with the help of scientific literature by making the university and industry collaborate. Also, it is one of the pioneering centers in its field.