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  • Contributes to the technological, economical, social and cultural advancement of the country.
  • Has a need and target-oriented approach in scientific research and technology production.
  • Supporting the establishment of research foundations with new processes, systems and applications.
  • Evaluates the available human resources, physical foundations, foundation-wise and non foundation-wise opportunities with a systematic, equality-based and sustainable methods and high efficiency.
  • Competitive on national and international levels
  • Aims to be a trailblazing education and research center with a sustainable university, industry and public cooperation (triple helix) when it comes to the rankings of the creation of advanced, innovative technology and scientific publishings.

The first and foremost R&D aims of Yeditepe University, which aims to be a trailblazing foundation in national and international technological and scientific platforms via the use of qualitative research methods are:

  1. To increase the number of students and researchers with an international culture and identity who possesses qualities such as leadership, high-confidence and creativity. These students and researchers would also be people who have assimiliated scientific philosophy, who specialize in accessing information, discerning information and making it available for the public good.
  2. To increase R&D activities which have a high value of impact in national and international platforms in order to transform original and creative thoughts to publishings, products, beneficial models or patents, by prioritising professional ethics when it comes to conducting research.
  3. To provide available use of updated, effective and productive opportunities by the enrichment of physical foundations, information/communication tools and financial resources.
  4. To increase the efficiency and the numbers of the projects which are to be conducted with the partnership of other national/international public associations, industrial associations, universities and businesses.
  5. To hold cultural and scientific events which can be both national and international in order to contribute to the art-oriented, knowledge-wise, cultural, social and economic development of the society.