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The Founding President

bedrettin dalan

Bedrettin DALAN

The ISTEK family, which has been born out of self-sacrifice and a commitment to love and respect for humanity, owes its existence to the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. As his ardent followers, Atatürk's daughters and sons possess the qualities that he set for and expects from the Turkish nation. The educational revolution is one of the most significant revolutions that best reflect Atatürk's productivity and timeless personality.

Education is a serious business; it is also a sacred endeavor. As the Great Leader Atatürk has put it, educators must be dedicated to raising generations with no impediments to their minds, consciences and wisdom. This was our aim in setting up the ISTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University.

Young people can only plan a strong future by making the right decisions, knowing what is best for themselves. A crucial milestone in this process is choosing a profession and a university.

The world is in constant flux; new ideas are generated day by day. All ideas must build on each other, if there is no improvement in intellectual output, we can hardly say that humanity is making progress. After the agricultural and industrial revolutions, our world is currently going through a new era called "the information age." The phenomenon of globalization has obliterated borders, integrating all markets and upscaling repetition from a local level to a universal one.

In this knowledge-saturated environment, there are two conditions for individuals, institutions, and nations to survive and succeed: to accumulate knowledge and disseminate it effectively through information technology. Foreign language competence, especially English, has come to be a basic requirement for effective communication.

The service industry has an increasingly large share in the GNP of developed countries. Therefore, new and attractive employment opportunities, including in customs, logistics, advertising, tourism, aviation and real estate sectors, must be seized as well as providing education in classical subjects.

Our university seeks to train students with a contemporary approach and equip them with all the necessary skills for them to succeed in an ever-changing environment and business world. To this end, the students take advantage of academic opportunities including foreign language training in English and other languages, excellent IT facilities and 640 agreements of international cooperation with European, North American and East Asian universities as well as the knowledge and skill of expert professionals in academia and the business world.

Over the past 33 years at ISTEK schools and Yeditepe University, we have helped more than 100 thousand young people to become self-confident adults ready to embrace the world. Our graduates have become, and will continue to be, sought-after professionals not only in Turkey but also abroad. They represent our country in all areas in the best way possible.

Yeditepe is committed to peace. On the other hand, our campus boasts facilities that no other Turkish university has. It can be described as the postmodern version of a Seljuk Complex; it has a philosophy and an identity, it reflects our roots. Besides science, the principles of our Great Leader Atatürk illuminate our path to development and welfare.