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Core Group Members

Members of the Core Group

Our core initiative group’s composition includes members from the human resources department, project management office and academics across different departments, whose areas of interest are mainly human rights, gender studies and sustainable development, along with the Vice Rector, who specialized in International Relations and Research and a Senior Lead, who specialized in Gender Equality.


Prof. F. Yeşim Ekinci

Vice Rector International Relations and Research

Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Berrin Yanıkkaya

Senior Lead


Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Prof. Sultan Üzeltürk


Faculty of Law


Prof. Oktay Uygun

Faculty of Law


Assoc. Prof. Özlem Akkaya

Faculty of Communications


Assoc. Prof. Ebru Tomris Aydoğan

Faculty of Economy and Administrative Sciences


Ayla Özdemir


Human Resources Department


Yaprak Kapukaya


Project Management Office


Ayşenur Karasu

Human Resources Chief 


Yusuf Berat Köksal

Research Assistant

Public Administration