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Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.

Verna Myers

Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. Inclusion is an action. Belonging is an outcome.

Arthur Chan

About us

Our university’s name, Yeditepe, originates from one of the ancient names given to İstanbul, the ‘seven hills’ [‘yedi’ meaning 7 (seven) in Turkish] which form the city’s historical peninsula. Thus, by calling our committee YEDI we wanted to establish a strong link with this symbolic naming. We have started to convene and work on the scope, principles, aims, priorities, definitions, indicators and terms of reference of the Committee in March 2022 with a core initiative working group.

Thus far the core group has been leveling the ground and setting the tone for the committee’s initial establishment phases by holding regular weekly meetings and discussing the action points. Since the terms of reference have been completed and approved by the University Academic Board, the next stage is to invite new members and extend the representative body of the Committee by including members from diverse disciplines, administrative departments and students. Our main aim is to have an open platform where all constituents can freely represent themselves and have a say in decision making processes.