R&D Efforts

A vaccine project is currently undergoing against COVID-19 as a joint effort by Yeditepe University and Acıbadem University. Within the scope of this project, COVID-19 is isolated from the patient samples at the Acıbadem University BSL 3 laboratories and production efforts have been completed. After the efforts to activate the produced Covid-19, preclinic trials will be conducted on animals. If the expected success is achieved, clinical trial preparations will commence.

During the Covid-19 period, after our Yeditepe University Hospital Microbiology laboratories have been authorized by the Ministry of Health, there have been efforts towards increasing the biosafety level of the works conducted with RT PCR kits, effective sampling, viral activation and transferring the samples in the pre-analytic phase and verification efforts for increasing the working sensitivity in the analytic phase. It has been shown that viral inactivation increases the sample transfer safety and does not affect the test performance negatively in the pre-analytic phase. Our laboratories have been authorized as “Covid Dıagnosis Laboratory” by the Ministry of Health on 6 April 2020 and 1276 diagnostic tests have been conducted so far.

Participation in clinical research, participation in national / international phase efforts

Our research planned on Covid-19 are provided below. The necessary authorization processes by the Ethical Board for Clinical Trials (EBCT), Provincial Directorate for Health and the Ministry of Health for these research efforts have been started.

Yeditepe University EBCT COVID-19 Application Files

Approved by EBCT

  1. Principal Investigator: Dr. Süha Beril Kadıoğlu Yaman " Evaluation of the Drug Interactions Used in COVID-19 Treatment in Non-Hospitalized Patients with A Safety Survey"
  2. Principal Investigator: Dr. F.Ferda Kartufan  Evaluation of the Drug Interactions Used in COVID-19 Treatment in Hospitalized Patients: Survey"
  3. Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur / Principal Investigator: Dr. F. Ferda Kartufan "Evaluation of hyphothalamus-hypophysis-thyroid and hyphothalamus-hypophysis-adrenal axles in Covid-19 patients according to the severity of the infection; a prospective, non-phrmaceutical clinical trial"
  4. Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydın An Observational Study Towards the Determination of Endocrinological problems of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Without Approved by KAEK

  1. Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sezgin Sarıkaya / Principal Investigator: Dr. Barış Murat Ayvacı " The Effect of the Neutrophile / Lymphocyte Ratio to the Patient Outcome in COVID-19 Patients"
  2. Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sezgin Sarıkaya / Principal Investigator: Dr. Merve Ekşioğlu " Evaluation of the Relationship between Pulmonary CT Scan Findings and COVID-19 Pneumonia Clinic"
  3. Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sezgin Sarıkaya  / Principal Investigator: Dr. Göhan Gençer "A Clinical Comparison of Thoracic Computerized Tomography of COVID-19 Patients with a primary PCR Test Result as Negative and COVID-19 Patients with a primary PCR Test Result as Positive during Clinical Diagnosis"
  4. Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sezgin Sarıkaya/ Principal Investigator: Dr. Ferudun Çelikmen " The Effect of Vitamin D Levels on Morbidity in Covid-19 Patients"
  5. Principal Investigator: Dr. F. Ferda Kartufan "Evaluation of Neurological Sympton Frequency in COVID-19 Patients that are 40 Years of Age and Younger by a Distance Survey: Prospective Clinical Trial"

Healthcare Service Delivery

Our University’s Kozyatağı hospital has been decreed as a Pandemic hospital by the decree number 14500235-403.99 on 20 March 2020 and started admitting patients after making the necessary organizational arrangements. The results of examinations conducted at our hospital during the pandemic are provided below.

(MARCH - APRIL 2020)




Number of Patients To Whom COVID Tests Applied




Hospitalized Patients




Patients In The Intensive Care Unit




Recovered Patients




Patients Applied To The Emergency Services Unit