Yeditepe University "Wish Volunteers" Meet Students from Midyat

Yeditepe University "Wish Volunteers", who work to support the disadvantaged sections of the society, this time fulfilled the wishes of Mardin Midyat Çalpınar Primary School students.

 A Çalpınar Primary School teacher, who loves his students and is eager to cause change, contacted Yeditepe University volunteer students.  The volunteers then completed a needs list sent by the teacher, and performed activities with the help of sponsors they found.

 The team of volunteer Yeditepe students were met with great joy and excitement at the Çalpınar Primary School. Yeditepe University Wish Volunteers delivered the materials on the needs list to the school administration and painted the school with the paint they brought. The children were very happy when they received the colorful school bags and stationery supplies.

 The little school children who helped the volunteers in their work at school, shared their feelings with all their sincerity. The children said that this was first time that outsiders did so much for them and they would never forget it.