Michael Chekhoc Europe, one of Europe’s leading acting schools, is starting an Acting Training Certificate Program with Yeditepe Unversity.

The Acting Studio will start 24-28 january 2018 at the Theater Department of Yeditepe University under the supervision of trainers Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (Germany), Marjolein Baars (Holland) and Suzana Nikolic (Crotia).

The acting method developed by one of the greatest actors of the 20th century and nephew of playwright Anton Chekhov, Michael Chekhov, will be applied by 2nd generation trainers at the Acting Studio Program which consists of 6 modules and one project work. Participants who finish each module, which consists of 5 days working towards a certain goal in acting, and the project will be given a shared certificate by Michael Chekhov Europe and Yeditepe University. In addition, participants who finish each module without absenteeism will be given a participation certificate at the end of each module. There will be a fee for the program, which will include 2 or 3 modules in a year.

Michael Chekhov, who sees imagination as the origin of creativity, has developed techniques where imagery is the basis of acting methodology and where actors energize on stage the images they have created in their minds. The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique training aims students to make new self-discoveries by creating focus, imagery, psychological gestures and imaginary atmospheres.

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  • One module consists of 5 modules and the whole program consists of 6 modules and one project.
  • Participants who are in the last two modules prepare their projects with two additional days in each module with the guidance of an instructor.
  • Each participant is issued a participation certificate for the module they are attending.
  • Participants who complete the 6 modules and the project are awarded a diploma jointly issued by Yeditepe University and MCET. These certificates are jointly signed by the Rector's office and the MCET authority, and title and project content of the module are included in the certificate.
  • The total number of participants is 60.
  • 30 of the quota of 60 are reserved for the students of the Theater Department. 30 were assigned to the Continuing Education Center to be sold inside and outside the school.
  • There are 3 instructors for 60 participants.
  • The Theater Department students participate in this training free of charge and 50% discount is applied to Yeditepe University students outside the Theater Department.

Registration Information

1. Fill in the form in the link and send it to

2. After your application is approved, please deposit 250 Euros to the following bank account:

Yapı Kredi Bankası

Yeditepe Üniversitesi, İnönü Caddesi Şubesi

IBAN: TR41 0006 7010 0000 0093 0029 60

(In the notes section, you can write “MCE Oyunculuk Atölyesi”)

Training Fee: 250 Euros

3. Email the deposit receipt to  Your registration will not be finalized before we receive the receipt.

*Quota is limited to 20 participants

Michael Chekhov (1891 – 1955)

Michael Chekhov (1891 – 1955), nephew of the playwright Anton Chekhov, is recognized as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. Chekhov became internationally known for his works on characterization and the creative process.

At the Moscow Art Theatre, the collaboration between Stanislavsky, Vakhtangov, Meyerhold and Chekhov led to a theater that was bold, expressive and imaginative. In their work they searched for objective principles that would lead to inspired acting. This investigation led Michael Chekhov to develop his psychophysical acting technique, incorporating the imagination and body as well as the intellect. In 1928, Chekhov left Russia, never to return. He spent 11 years in Europe acting and teaching. He worked with Max Reinhardt in Berlin and Vienna, formed his own theater group in Paris, directed plays in Riga and the Baltic countries. In 1936, Chekhov to establish his own Theater Studio at Dartington Hall in England.

In 1939, he moved to the USA. He gave acting classes in New York and Hollywood.