Yeditepe University 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester Planning

Dear Students, Academics and Administrative Staff,

We would like to start our words by extending our kindest regards for the whole Yeditepe family.

As you know, we are about to complete the Fall Semester of 2020-2021 Academic Year. In the previous semester, with meticulous planning, we were able to conduct our eduation in a hybrid method, consisting of online and in-person courses. We are about to complete the semester thanks to the application of strict planning and precautions that we executed within our campus in order not to let COVID-19 spread throughout the campus. We are also glad to have shared the COVID-19 related communications with you in and out of campus with you, and we continue to do so.

We have decided to conduct the courses in 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester that we will start on 18 February 2021 in a similar fashion and by following the guidelines listed below. Please remember that in case of a change of the pandemic’s course, plans are bound to change.

  • Just as the term we have completed, in case of an in-person education is deemed necessary, planning will be done according to the social distancing rules.
  • In case of an in-person applied education is planned, courses will be held using proper personal protective equipment and maintaining necessary distancing and hygiene precautions.
  • Students who are not able to participate in these in-person classes and whose excuses have been deemed valid by the relevant academic units, distance learning opportunities will be provided.
  • For Graduate Programs, courses will be held in-person or in a distance learning fashion.
  • For students who wish to participate, small group learning sections, student support education sections, problem solving hours etc. will be carefully planned.
  • Our test and assessment will be conducted in-person or in a distance testing fashion, depending on the type of course.
  • Digital mediums that were used in the previous term are going to be used in the same way.
  • Our residence halls, social facilities and shuttle buses will continue to be at your service by maintaining all kinds of pandemic precautions.

The key to succeeding in realizing these academic goals will be full compliance to the rules by our students, academics and administrative staff.   

I hope to have a healthy, happy and peaceful academic semester for all of us, with all these precautions taken.

Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl