Tips for a Good Design

The visual communication design, where there is more than just creativity involved, is in every aspect of our lives today. Stating that "Design is an area that enables us to reach vital information," Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neda Üçer gives the musts for a good design.

Nowadays, there is almost no area where design is not involved. From the moment we go out in the morning, we see design products all around us; traffic lights, warning and emergency signs, billboards and much more ... Design penetrates virtually every aspect of our lives and drives our perceptions and influence our decisions.

Responding to our questions about visual communication design, Yeditepe University Head of Visual Communication Design Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neda Üçer stated that this area contains web design, 3D animation, game design and interactive design.

The most important point is to empathize

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neda Üçer stated that visual communication design is a combination of technology, creativity and communication and aims to convey conceptual thought in an impressive visual language. Visual communication designers are people who can reach different target masses with strategies, touch their hearts and persuade them.

"Visual communication designers are problem solvers, good communicators, creative content and concepts developers, with technical, critical and creative thinking skills. There are no formulas like two and two is four in design. I can tell you about the processes that needs to be followed during the design process, but a good design is based on the designer's own creativity and the strength of empathy conveyed in the message. The most important point is to establish empathy. It is to analyze correctly, to understand correctly, and to touch the heart of the target with your creativity... In order to touch people's hearts, you need to create soul. In order to get the designer's answers, to do the right analysis and the right research, he has to work as a scientist and ask the right questions. "

The Musts of Design

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neda Üçer of the essential principles that constitute the backbone of a good design: "A good design should be easy to read, perceive and be clear, creative and original. It should be in the right tone, and convey the right message. The principles of a good design according to her are:

1. Model: Finding harmony by repeating color-form-lines

2. Contrast: Ensuring harmony with the use of opposite items

3. Highlighting: Highlighting a region with color-size-shape difference

4. Equilibrium: Finding equilibrium by using symmetry or asymmetry

5. Proportion / Measure: Aligning the proportions of objects relative to each other

6. Integrity: Ensuring compatibility of all parts

7. Rhythm / Motion: Giving motion sensation and creating rhythm


The Design Process

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neda Üçer stated that a visual communication designer follows five basic steps in three phases including design strategy, interactive design and interface design in the design process. These steps are as follows:

1. Discussing the definition, research, solution of the development process of the design strategy;

2. The production and development of the ideas related to the interaction design

3. Prototyping,

4. Creating the design of the interface design,

5. Analysis and testing.