Students Eligible to Make Inter-Transfer to our University are determined.

For the Eligible Inter-Transfer Undergraduate Students in 2017-2018 Fall Semester at Yeditepe University


Registration Dates


Start Date

August 21, 2017 Monday


Completion Date

August 25, 2017 Friday


Required Documents


Copy of identity card


6 passport size photographs (The name and surname of the student should be clearly written with a pen on the back of all of the photographs. Polaroids and photocopies will not be accepted.)


Certificate of residence: Please write the (mobile) phone number where students can be reached at the top or bottom of the residence document. The residence certificate can be obtained from the e-government web site.

4. Document showing military status (Military Status Document to be received from military service for male applicants born in 1995 and previous years). Document showing military status can be obtained from e-government web site.


For the applicants who are transferring from abroad, Original Higher Education Institute Verification Certificate is needed. (Equivalence questionnaire for the applicants who do not have an equivalence document will be done by our institution and final registration will be completed after the approval of the Board of Higher Education).


Registration of the eligible candidates to register to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy will take place on August 21-23, 2017,


Registration of the candidates on the Backup List will take place on August 24-25, 2017


You need to contact the faculty where you have the right to register for information about your class and course adjustments.

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