Our university is the second one for taking most medals in all sports

Yeditepe University took second place in the universities earning most medals and was the first university being in most competition within Foundation Universities.

Adding another achievement in sport each year, our university secures its position in sports among the other universities in Turkey. The emphasis on sport given by Yeditepe University is proven by both our sport facilities in campus and our teams' achievements.

According to 2015 data of Türkiye Üniversite Sporları Federasyonu (TÜSF) Magazine, Yeditepe is the second university in number of medals on the basis of sport teams. Out of 170 universities, including more than 60 universities having BESYO (School of Physical Education and Sports), 156 universities took medals, and our university took the second place after Anadolu University which has 1,36 million students. In terms of taking place in competitions, our university took 1st place among the Foundation Universities.

Our university has 24 sport teams which are making great achievements. To give a few examples; In 12th Koç Fest University Sport Games, our swimming team earned 41 gold, 18 silver and 10 bronze medals. Also, our men and women swimming teams were crowned champions. Yeditepe Eagles Flag Football Team, being one of the first Women Flag Football Teams in Turkey, won the championship in 4th Istanbul Women Flag Football Tournament unbeaten. Our Sailing Rigs won Turkey championship this year. In Beyaz Kupa Interuniversity Ski and Snowboard Championship, our women Ski Team became Turkey Champion and Istanbul Champion as individual and as team. We return from “Cup Der Privaten Europe Football Championship” in Berlin as European Champions.