A Much Needed Exhibition for Comfort Seekers while Traveling

Students from the Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Product Design will be exhibiting designs aimed at “Achieving Comfort while traveling” at the Inan Kıraç Exhibition hall between the dates of 8-15 February.

The product of three month work, "Driver and Passenger Circumference Designs" is a student project created by the Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Product Design in cooperation with MAN Turkey Inc. to support university-industry cooperation and show students the needs of the sector during their teaching-learning process.

Innovative and Solution Oriented Products

In the study, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Industrial Design Department students transformed innovative and solution-oriented ideas for drivers and passengers to be used in a bus into product designs after a briefing given by MAN Turkey Inc.

The project, which aims to present a vision for the future in terms of users in the automotive sector, has produced a number of different products such as seating for the handicapped, ergonomic seats, seat designs that can help put the family together while traveling.

You can visit the innovative designs that emerged as a result of university - industry collaboration between February 8-15 at the İnan Kıraç Exhibition hall.