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Database Available for Trial Access: Rosetta Stone

Access End Date: 31.05.2021

Off-Campus Access Information:

Click for Access Link


Access from the computer:

1-) Click on the Access link.

2-) Enter your corporate e-mail address, the new password you will set, and register by selecting the language you want to learn.

3-) Click the Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations link and login.

Mobile access:

1-) First of all, access from the computer and create an account with your corporate e-mail address.

2-) Install Rosetta Stone on your mobile device and log in.

3-) From the Sign in section, click the Work or School option.

4-) The username you created from the computer and In addition to the password, add ns240700 information to the Namespace section and login.

Content knowledge:

Rosetta Stone Library Solution database; your researchers, students, and institution different, whether beginner or intermediate level, that your employees can use It is the most popular language training set in the world, which includes 30 languages, which can be benefited by users of all levels. More than 22,000 schools from all levels of education around the world, more than 8,000 private companies (such as Vodafone, Siemens, EasyJet, Tripadvisor, TDK, Hitachi) and more than 9,000 used by the national / international non-profit organization, the world's one is the number one online language education and training set. Based on over 1,000 ratings, 5 stars It is a language learning tool with the highest score in this field by getting 4.7 points out of it.

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