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Your trial access to the “Elsevier ClinicalKey Student Assessment” Assessment and Evaluation system, which contains more than 4200 questions in the field of medicine, is active until June 30.

You can access the "Assessment" module from the same interface as Clinical Key Student, from the "Assignments" tab.

Access details are provided below for your information.

Access Details:

* Users who have remote access passwords to the ClinicalKey "Student" and "Clinical Key" database can also use the Assessment module by entering their username and password at

Click on the "Assignments" or "Create a Test" tab to access and access over 4200 questions.

After solving the questions, click on the "Performance" tab to see your performance.

Elsevier ClinicalKey Student Assessment


Technology-based assessment tools, such as the assessment capabilities within ClinicalKey Student, can foster students’ learning while providing instructors sustainable ways to support their practice of formative assessment. The research provided in this case study shows the effectiveness of formative assessment and the power of feedback to further learning.

It supports the medical school by enhancing the teaching and learning experience with tools designed to enhance and evaluate students' medical knowledge.

Elsevier Clinical Key Student Assessment features; It enables the faculty to be structured to complement the curriculum and to make an easy evaluation.

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