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The project, which has users from many parts of the world, was initiated by Irvin Yalom and his son Victor Yalom, live images of the seasons of Irvin Yalom himself, as well as many master therapists such as Marsha Linehan, Jacob Moreno, Rollo May, James Bugental and Kay Redfield Jamison / It is a database project that includes the interviews / lectures they give on the schools they lead.

Columbia University, Yale University, one of the leading schools in America, The project, which also provides video package purchase services to schools such as the University of California - Berkeley and New York University, contributes greatly to students' insight into how to translate theories into practice in courses in psychology, PDR and social work. Hundreds of university students in academics and ideal for a teaching / learning method, which acts as the database who we have brought to Turkey as family psychology.

From 195 videos Currently, nearly 60 of our archive has Turkish subtitles, the remaining videos are in the process of being actively translated and will be added to English videos as the translations are renewed. The O’Reilly for Higher Education digital platform includes more than 45,000 book titles and more than 30,000 hours of video. Topics range from programming to IT networking to project management to graphic design to business strategy. The content includes code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos, and much more. Users can search thousands of books simultaneously online, saving time and quickly finding the information they need.

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