E.g., 07/25/2021
Dec 07


Creative and innovative ideas that will shape the future take the stage at Yeditepe University. If you want to watch the 7Tepe Innovative Ideas Competition live, you are invited to join us at Yeditepe University İnan Kıraç Conference Hall on Thursday, December 7th"

Dec 06

The "Brand Summit", which will cover strategic approaches and communication activities carried out by brands in the world and in Turkey, will host managers of national and international companies.

Nov 06


"If you want to save 3 lives in only 15 minutes, we will be waiting for you too in front of the Rectorate Building between 6-9 November"

Nov 01




Oct 27


Speaker: Metin Erdoğan

**This event is organized by the Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History

Oct 27


Pınar Akıskalıoğlu / Marketing Professional / Econometrist

**Organized by Faculty of Communication Advertisement Design and Communication and Public Relations and Publicity Students