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Apr 12


The seminar is open and free for everyone.


Apr 09

'Spring Meetings in Design' held every semester by Yeditepe University Communication Faculty Visual Communication Design Department starts between 9th – 13th April.

Within the scope of the program, leading companies, corporate executives and designers in the fields of production, mobile application, interface design, and digital design will meet with students.

Apr 09

At the exhibition where 1st and 2nd year student projects are displayed under the coordination of Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication Advertising Design and Communication Department instructor S. Sevil Çerekçi, you will encounter fresh, effective, and interesting advertisements that follow the strategy, fiction and design phases of advertising materials produced by the department during the academic year 2017-2018.

Apr 05

Current Issue in the Media Seminar Series - 54 continuing at full speed.

This week’s guest in the seminar is director 'Mu TUNÇ'. At the seminar, 'A New Genre in Turkey: The First Punk Film' will be discussed and the movie 'ARADA’ will be shown.