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Entering the Second Century of the Republic: Catch Up Children - Catch Up Youth

Cumhuriyetimizin İkinci Yüzyılına Girerken: Yetişin Çocuklar - Yetişin Gençler

Faculty of Fine Arts 8th Floor Conference Hall


Prof. Dr. Selcuk Sirin

Selçuk Şirin received a bachelor's degree from METU, a master's degree from SUNY and a doctorate from Boston College. He has authored more than 100 scientific publications.

Selçuk Şirin was elected to the US Academy of Sciences Child, Adolescent and Family Commission in 2015.

He received the Faculty Excellence Award from Boston College and New York University, the Researcher Award from the US Child Development Foundation, the Research Grand Award from AERA, the largest education researchers association in the world, and the 2018 Social Entrepreneurship Award from the Jacobs Foundation for the projects he developed.

His Turkish books, "Turkey at the Crossroads: Either Freedom or Misery", "A Dream for a Turkey" and "Grow Up Children: Raising Children from Infancy to Adolescence", and an English book, "Muslim American Youth: Understanding Hyphenated Identities Through Multiple Methods", have been published in classrooms for primary school children. There is a Cute Project Set prepared according to your needs and baby books specially prepared for newborn children.

Selçuk Şirin currently teaches at New York University and continues his research in a wide range of areas from education to development. And although he has been in the USA for many years, he lives with his face turned towards his homeland.