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We were in the presence of Atatürk!

Atamızın Huzurundaydık!

100. yil en

The Founder of the Republic of Türkiye, Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,

As Yeditepe University, continuing the Atatürk Renaissance, during these days when we proudly celebrate the 100th Year of our Republic, we have come before you to express our endless gratitude for the great legacy you have left us.

The great work you entrusted to us a century ago, our Republic, we aim to carry into the future in the best possible way with our thousands of graduates and students, who have been nurtured in the light of enlightened ideas, with free minds and free consciences.

As Yeditepe University, we take pride in nurturing generations that will advance our country in the fields of science, culture, and art in the second century of the Republic, in line with our goals of scientific development and modernization.

We promise to continue to protect your valuable legacy with the same belief as the first day in your spiritual presence; we offer our longing, respect, and gratitude with gratitude.

Happy 100th Anniversary of our Republic!