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Graduate Programs Preparatory School

English Proficiency Exam

English Proficiency Exam is applied to candidates who have completed the application process and do not have a valid language certificate.
Exam Fee: Candidates who have completed the application process deposit the exam fee specified below to the Yeditepe University bank account.
Exam Fee Amount: 60 TL

Account Details:

IBANTR60 0006 7010 0000 0092 6671 92
ReceiptReceipt: In the explanation section, the candidate's Name, Surname and English Proficiency Exam Fee must be stated.

Exam Date and Time: Exam Date and Time; It is announced in the Application and Registration Calendar on the web page prepared for graduate candidates and on the web pages of the relevant Graduate Schools.

Before the Exam: For the on-line exam; 2 or 3 days before the exam, an e-mail is sent to the e-mail addresses of the candidates stating how the exam will be held on which platforms. Candidates can complete the necessary procedures by reviewing the information file in this e-mail. Candidates are advised to attend the on-line exam information meeting before the exam.

Announcement of Exam Results: Exam results are notified to the candidates by e-mail or telephone 2 days after the exam date by the relevant Graduate School Directorates.

English Preparatory Education

Candidates who do not score enough points to start the programme according to the exam results start English Preparatory Education by following the steps below.

Graduate School Registration: Candidates complete the registration process by following the steps in the Online Registration Guide.

English Preparatory School Notification: After completing the registration process, candidates send the notification e-mail prepared in the following format to

Student's Name and Surname
Student Number
Registered Graduate Programme:
English Level: (Course level according to the student's score in the exam: A, B1, B2)
Telephone Number:

Training Start Date: Students attend the classes with the links sent to their e-mail addresses.
For information about the language groups in the programme, attendance, exams etc. please follow the link.