Yeditepe University Theater on stage with "The Legend of the War of Independence"

The first public performance of Nadım Hikmet's "Legend of the War of Independence" by Yeditepe University Theater, consisting of employees and students of Yeditepe University, will take place on April 12.

The courage and hope of a nation that never diminished on the way to freedom ... with sandals on their feet, and the fire of freedom in their hearts ... On their way to liberation, the only pain they feel is the wall of flesh that is the pain of captivity.

Meftune Yüce, Meltem Şimşek, Tolgahan Acar, Filiz Düşünceli, Barbaros Fıratdak, Burcu Kasapoğlu, Başak Senturk, Ceren Ünek, Emirhan Ozturk, Serhat Ozkan, Yavuz Fırıldak, Filiz Süzel Müminoğlu and Mehmet Yılmaz take part in the play directed by Yeditepe University Theater Department Head Prof. Dr. Metin Balay.

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The Yeditepe University Theater will performs its first public staging of ‘The Legend of the War of Independence’ play at the Gönül Ülkü and Gazanfer Özcan Stage at the Kozzy Shopping Mall on Thursday, April 12 at 20.00.