Yeditepe University Open Days Starting

Find answers to all of your questions before deciding which university to study

Yeditepe University will answer all the questions of university candidates and their families who will make one of the most important choices of their lives on "Open Days" to be held on 1-17 August.

Yeditepe University organizes "Open Days" to give candidate students the opportunity make their university choices by getting information about professions and their preferences, interests and abilities.

This year, the Open Days will be held on the first floor of the university's 26 Ağustos Campus Social Facilities Building from 09:00 to 17:30, between the dates of 1-17 August, including the weekend.

During this time, candidates visiting Yeditepe University campus will have the opportunity to meet with university academics and students and examine many important issues such as academic education, scholarships, campus facilities, laboratory infrastructure, Erasmus - Exchange agreements, and student clubs.

University candidates will be able to create their own selection lists by examining the quotas, success rank, scores, number of academicians, course schedules and fees for the last three years of foundations and state universities using the "Plan your Future" preference robot developed by Yeditepe University. Detailed information is available at "".


Campus Service from the City Center

Yeditepe University also has a shuttle service for guests coming from the city center. During the Open Days, services from Beşiktaş Old İskele, Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage, Bostancı İskele to Yeditepe University Campus, and from Yeditepe University Campus to Bostanci and Kadıköy will be available. Detailed information about the services to be provided between 09.30 - 18.00 hours can be reached at "".

01-17 August 2018 Open Days Shuttle Times and Departure Locations



Yeditepe University also available in Ankara

Yeditepe University will be giving consultation to university candidates at the Ankara Contact Office as well between August 7-14. The Ankara Contact Office will be answering questions under the supervision of specialist in vocational guidance field, former Vice OSYM President and Yeditepe University Rector Advisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Sibel Uzer, with the cooperation of the Faculty of Education Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department and Psychological Counseling and Guidance experts. You can ask questions face to face, or contact us via telephone "0 312 446 14 03" or email

For more information please visit the Yeditepe University Ankara Contact Office


** Candidates who will provide transportation on their own means can visit the Communication page and get information about routes.

** Accommodation at the dormitories located on campus will be provided for the candidates who will attend from outside İstanbul.


Information Desks

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