Yeditepe University First Place in Terms of Campus and Life Satisfaction

Yeditepe University took first place in the 2018 "Turkey University Satisfaction Survey" by the University Research Laboratory (UNIAR) in the “University Campus and Life Satisfaction" ranking.

26 thousand 513 students from 172 universities including 109 states and 63 foundations participated in the research conducted by ÜNİAR founders Prof. Dr. Engin Karadağ and Prof. Dr. Cemil Yücel. The research was divided into six categories: universities, learning experiences, campus and campus life, academic support, learning opportunities, personal development and career support, satisfaction with the management and operation of the institution.

In the raking, grades like A+, A, B, C, D and FF were given to the universities. Universities with the highest satisfaction rate received A+, while the lowest received FF. The study showed that 17 out of 172 universities meet their students' expectations at the 'A +' level. 22 universities meet expectations at "A" level. 33 state universities and 14 foundation universities are at "FF" level.


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