Yeditepe University Distance Learning Rules of Procedures

Our Dear Academics, Administrative Staff and Students,

As we paused our education due to the COVID-19 pandemic by the decision of the Council of Higher Education by 16 March 2020, we have also been informed by the Council of Higher Education on 19 March 2020 that we may continue our education remotely as of 23 March 2020.

Our university has started the coordination efforts to enable this transition as efficiently and smoothly as possible. In this process, with the contributions of all our educational staff, the following rules of procedures have been adopted starting 23 March 2020:

  1. In terms of sharing lecture materials, homework and necessary interactive applications, material sharing and homework assignments will continue of “COADSYS” system, which is an adapted version of “MOODLE” education management system; and while theoretical lecture notes are shared, homework and projects will be followed in an asynchronous fashion (in times when both sides are available). Also, similar applications may be used by the lecturer. (Click for COADSYS Guide)
  2. In order to preserve the interactive and discursive nature of most of our classes in our university, on the dates and hours for which lectures are planned, asynchronous (within the allocated lecture period) video-conference with the participation of both the lecturer and students using a meeting tool such as “GOOGLE MEET” will be held, and the lecturer will share his or her material using his or her own screen with the students. In this regard, our lecturers are able to use their preferred applications for conferencing, which enable them to record the sessions. It would be beneficial for both parties to watch GOOGLE MEET user training videos online. Later developments will be shared promptly.
  3. For meeting planning using Google (G Suite) infrastructure, mail addresses with extension will be used. For further details and information, it is kindly requested to keep following web address.
  4. Problems of examinations that might happen for lectures held in digital mediums and homework assignments for appropriate lectures can be made up for by homework projects or any other method determined by the lecturer later on.
  5. For classes that cannot be held in digital mediums such as internships, applied education, laboratory studies or projects, catching up will be organised in line with the precautions taken by the relevant academic departments when formal education continues.
  6. Postgraduate matriculation exams, meetings of thesis committees and thesis defences can be held in the digital environment as long as proper, monitorable and reviewable precautions are taken.
  7. There is a big responsibility upon all of us in order to conduct this transition with as few problems as possible for all our academics, administrative staff and students. In this regard, it would be a guiding light for all of us to share any and all kinds of recommendations and user experiences with us.
  8. The methods of evaluation of success for the remotely-conducted lectures and the rules of procedures thereof will be evaluated with the persons in charge of concerned department and programs and shared promptly.
  9. The situation regarding the Foreign Languages Preparatory Education programs will be shared by the Preparatory School Coordinatorship.
  10. We might encounter unexpected problems and/or technical issues, no matter how hard we try. Your feedback will be invaluable for us in this regard.

We wish you all good health, success and happiness in this process, which is new for all of us.