Yeditepe Once Again Among the Greenest Universities in the World

According to the 2018 evaluations of UI GreenMetric, which evaluates the greenest universities in the world and is the first and only rating agency in the world for sustainability at universities, Yeditepe University has maintained its first place among foundation universities in Turkey while ranking 249th worldwide this year.

In 2017, 619 universities participated in the evaluation, while in 2018, the number of participating universities from all over the world became 719. Yeditepe University ranked sixth among 29 universities participating from Turkey and 249th among universities in the world.

Established in 2010 to raise awareness in sustainability, GreenMetric evaluates the world's outstanding universities in different categories such as "campus settlement, infrastructure, energy, climate change, recycling, water resources, transportation, and education." GreenMetric ranks universities according to the total scores received from these evaluations.

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