Yeditepe graduate Anıl Can Uğuz's First Book in Bookstores

Yeditepe University, Faculty of Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature graduate Anıl Can Uğuz’ first novel “I feel like I slept with Nails in my Heart” published by DEX is available at bookstores.


“I feel like I slept with Nails in my Heart” tells the story of a young man who has spent his childhood without a father by the side of his mother's unhappiness in his grandfather's house. The book will appeal to book enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Another interesting aspect of “I feel like I slept with Nails in my Heart” is its narrative style. The narrative between the author’s voice and the hero’s voice is like a corner-catching game that goes between fiction and reality.

Uğuz plays with the reader’s mind by mixing the protagonist’s and the writer’s voices. In this game like process, the reader is shaken by the story every time the reader feels comfortable.

Resembling a character of modern tragedy, Mahir's story is transformed into a requiem dedicated to the hope of a world where we want to be ourselves.