Why Seniors are at Risk for Covid-19?

Elderly people are among the primary risky groups in COVID-19 infections. Reminding that there may be functional losses even if there is no chronic disease accompanying people over 65, Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Yaşar Küçükardalı said that these losses in accordance with age might make the person vulnerable to diseases.

In our country, people over 65 years of age, who have experienced these difficult times in their homes due to curfew, are in the risky group in terms for COVID-19 infection. Again, risk may increase as there may be contact risk in areas such as senior centers and nursing homes, some of the areas where this age group lives together. However, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Yaşar Küçükardalı, who said that the picture is quite good in this sense in our country, stated, “Thankfully, there is no worrying news about our 36 thousand senior citizens living in senior centers and nursing homes in our country. This shows us that our elders are well-cared for in both the public and private senior centers and nursing homes. Perhaps one reason is that the vast majority of our elderly have social security and are easily admitted to hospitals under any health problem with that social security they have".

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