Turkish Physicians Support Football – Heading Ban For Kids

Children constantly training and playing football are at risk of dementia, memory loss, doctors say

Turkish doctors put their weight behind the recent ban on heading the football in training sessions of children under 12. In 2020 so far, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland banned children under 12 years old from heading the football during training. There had already been a ban on heading the football for kids aged under 11 in the U.S. The headers will be banned in practice or training sessions but children will be allowed to use their heads during matches.The new guidelines have been in practice as of this February.

Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Kelestemur, an endocrinology specialist and medical coordinator of Yeditepe University Hospital, also said: “The negative effects of head traumas especially on the hormonal system in childhood and adults have been demonstrated by scientific studies."

neurology specialist at the Yeditepe University Kosuyolu Hospital, also said: “Hitting the ball with the head while playing football on the street once or twice a week does not lead to this. What we want to explain here is that the children who are constantly training and playing football are at risk."

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