Thyroid Hormone Deficiency May Cause Short Stature

Stating that one of the most common causes of short stature is thyroid hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism), Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Elif Sağsak reminded that a simple blood test may be sufficient to detect this congenital or future problem.

Short stature is defined as a child's height below the lower limit of the normal growth curves for age and gender. Stating that it is difficult for parents to detect this situation with the measurements they will make at home and that it may not give accurate results, Child Health and Diseases Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Assistant Professor Elif Sağsak, MD gave important information to families about short stature and the underlying causes.

Stating that the 3 to 97 percentile is considered normal in the growth curves and the height is below the 3 percentile according to age and gender, is defined as short stature Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Assistant Professor Elif Sağsak, MD continued her words as follows:

“Measurements made at home may not give very accurate information. Therefore, it is appropriate to measure and monitor children's height and weight in routine controls. If the annual increase in height is less than normal for that age, the growth rate is considered insufficient. Short stature can be diagnosed early with regular follow-up of the neck”.

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