Technique Developed by a Turkish Doctor Has Become Part of Literature; Is Now an Alternative to Pacemakers

The ‘Cardioneuroablation’ technique, defined as an ‘option to treat by ablation’ for patients who are 40 years of age or younger, and have a problem with cardiological transmitting and fainting, without the need of a pacemaker by Prof. Dr. Tolga Aksu, Cardiology Specialist, has earned its place in world’s literature.

Stating that they have applied the technique to more than 500 patients in Turkey, including pregnant women, Prof. Dr. Aksu stated that they had near 100% success. Prof. Dr. Aksu also stated that the technique they have been working on for 7 years have been published as a research article on ‘Circulation: Arrhytmia and Electrophysiology’, world’s most prestigious journal, as well as having a high impact factor, on arrhythmia.

Explaining that there was a need for a less invasive treatment for a long time now, Prof. Dr. Tolga Aksu, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Cardiology Specialist, stated the following: “We first applied the technique on a patient in 2014. Our focal point was the necessity for application of a pacemaker especially in young patients, under 40 years of age, who have a problem of fainting due to heart stopping. Pacemakers require a surgical intervention. Because there is a need for an incision to place the pacemaker generator. We used to send various cords to the heart from this generator. Following that, patients had to avoid physical exertion for about three months. Young female patients had a visual concern for such an incision as well. After some ablations, we observed the increase in heart rate, and studied it, thinking whether we can make it a universal technique that other doctors can also apply”.

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