She Was Treated For Asthma For Two Years But Has Had A Tumour In Her Trachea

Hilal Karaman, a mother of two children, began experiencing shortness of breath about two years ago. The complaints of the young woman were thought to be psychological. Karaman, who had gradually increasing shortness of breath, was diagnosed with asthma after a while. The CT scan result of Hilal Karaman, who had used asthma drugs for 2 years, surprised everyone who saw it. The young woman, who was understood to be unable to breathe due to a tumour obstructing 95 per cent of her trachea (windpipe), came to Istanbul. After surgery performed here, she regained her health.

36-year-old Hilal Karaman living in Eskisehir began to experience shortness of breath exactly 2 years ago. The complaints of the young woman, whose husband served as a military officer in Tunceli, were thought to be psychological. The young woman, whose shortness of breath continued to increase day by day, was diagnosed with asthma this time. The young woman, who started using asthma medicines, became unable to climb stairs over time. The young woman who ended up in the hospital again also failed a respiratory test. Karaman, whose complaints continued to increase despite the asthma medications, had a CT scan this time. The CT scan result was surprised everyone who saw it.

A 3-centimeter tumor was detected in the young woman's trachea, which clogged 95 per cent of her windpipe and covered the right half of the thyroid gland. The young woman who learned her illness came to Istanbul for surgery. She was examined by Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan who is Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Yeditepe University Hospitals, and then was taken to surgery. The young woman, who had difficulty even in speaking due to shortness of breath, regained her health after about 7 hours of surgery. Karaman said she returned her home with singing.  

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