Prof. Nesrin Yardimci Tiryakioglu is awarded with the Oscar of Steel Structures

Yeditepe University Department Chair of Constructional Engineering Prof. Nesrin Yardimci Tiryakioglu has been awarded with Charles Masonnet Award, which has been considered as the Oscar of sciences in steel structures. (Banner)

The award,which has been presented since 1998 in memorial of Prof. Charles Masonnet, who passed away on 4th of April, 1996, is given by European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) in order to recognize and appreciate elite scientists who contributed to the development of constructional steelwork and/or who worked or has been working in a technical commitee of ECCS as chairperson, secretary or permanent member.

Charles Masonnet Award, which has been considered as the scientific Oscar of Europe in constructional steelwork, Prof. Nesrin Yardimci Tiryakioglu has been nominated on 28th of August and at the meeting of ECCS Board of Directors, it has been decided to present the award to Prof. Tiryakioglu.

Prof. Nesrin Yardimci Tiryakioglu has received her award on 14th of October, with a ceremony held in Brussels.

About Prof. Nesrin Yardimci Tiryakioglu:

Conducting the duties of Chairperson of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association between 2001 and 2016 and ECCS Chairperson between 2010 and 2015, Prof. Tiryakioglu have also supported ECCS Technical Executive Board. Presented with a Career Award by Tuzla Rotary Club on 21 April 2010, Prof. Tiryakioglu has also been awarded with the Silver Medal by ECCS, given to honor those who have contributed to ECCS with exceptional service. Prof. Tiryakioglu still continues the duties of the department chair of Yeditepe University Department of Constructional Engineering.