Yeditepe University, in addition to its academic success, continues to be successful in sports via its students. Sports teams lead by Yeditepe University Sport Manager Taner Karabulut, through 2015-2016 academic year won many championships and medals.

Our University has been the second most medal winning university in 2015 in Turkey University Sports Federation games and the most successful one among foundation universities in terms of attendance to the activities

In addition to Men's and Women's teams we had success in individual sports as well

Our 2015 – 2016 Trophies;

Handball Men’s Team, Championship (Unbeaten)

Swimming Women’s Team, Championship

American Football Team League, Championship second time

Winter Sport Games Alp Discipline Women’s Ski Team, Championship

In Athletics, Samir Akovalı, Second

Swimming Men’s Team, Second

Water polo Team, Second.

Additionally our university will represent Turkey in 3rd Universities European Championship with 4 teams. Our men’s and women’s swimming teams, Handball men’s team and Chess teams will compete for Turkey.


Administration also congratulated the players

Our teams and players were congratulated by Yeditepe Founding Chairman Bedrettin Dalan, Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl, Chairman Advisor Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz with a dinner attended by Sport Manager Taner Karabulut, Deputy Sports Manager Vahit Zorlu and the players. Administration thanked every one of them and a photo was taken.