"No to Child Sexual Abuse"

The "No to Child Sexual Abuse" exhibition, which aims to raise awareness about child sexual abuse in the society with witnesses from real cases, opens at 16.00 on April 09 on the 4th floor at the Faculty of Fine Arts - Annex Building.

Psychologist Özlem Kaya and Psychologist Şema Okur, who studied the reports of 800 sexual abuse cases at the Istanbul Kartal Anadolu Courthouse between 2009 and 2016, are exhibiting the most striking statements from these reports. The exhibition, which is supported by numerous famous names, including symbolic figure from the sexual abuse case in İzmir Saadet Özkan, Writer Ahmet Ümit, Professor of Literature and Author Iskender Pala, young musicians Buray and actor Mehmet Pala, is organized by Yeditepe University Educational Research Club Club.

The exhibition, which is sponsored by Istanbul Şehir University, will be open at our university until April 24th.