New Business Areas for Landscape Architects

Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Dilek Darby “Legal regulations have created new jobs for urban design and landscape architects”

Governments that realize that we need to breathe in a concrete world are taking steps in this direction. With the legal arrangements in Turkey, more responsibility falls to urban design and landscape architecture experts.

Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Dilek Darby assessed developments in the field of urban design and landscape architecture and gave hopeful information to the graduates of this department. Pointing out that with the new regulations last year new business areas will open for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Department graduates, Prof. Dr. Darby said that these regulations included "preparing an Urban Design Guide and the requirement of the landscape architect’s approval in every city plan in addition to the reconstruction plans."


Urban Design Guide
Prof. Dr. Dilek pointed out that in Article 30/7 of the Regulation on the Spatial Plans of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, there is a statement that says "An Urban Design Guide” must be prepared to include decisions on the direction of the recommended urban design project. Prof. Dr. Darby said that the preparation of "village design guides” are emphasized" in Article 8 / ğ of the Zoning Law. She added "It is stated in the 'Urban Design Guide Preparation Handbook' prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for local governments that ‘Urban Design Guides' should be prepared by a team of experienced Urban Planners, Architects and Landscaping Architects"


Architectural Aesthetic Commissions

Prof. Dr. Dilek Darby also stated that there was an obligation to prepare landscaping projects in the process of getting a building license with the Planned Construction Directive. "According to Article 66 of this directive, the Architectural Aesthetics Commissions should include a Landscape architect. The commission will also consist of a Civil Engineer, a Landscape Architect, an Art Historian, a City Planner and a Survey Engineer," said Darby.

In the light of these developments, Darby anticipates that the need for landscape architects will increase in the private and public sectors, and added that "urban design offices will be established", "urban design guides will be sought" and "will be a very important advantage abroad. Prof. Dr. Darby listed the areas where landscape architects would be needed:

  • Landscape architecture offices,
  • Urbanization, architecture and construction offices,
  • Urban design offices,
  • Municipalities,
  • Ministries, General Directorate of Highways,
  • General Directorate of National Parks,
  • Private offices,
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,
  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,
  • General Directorates of National Parks,
  • Non-governmental organizations ...

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