A Licence Agreement Has Been Signed Between Yeditepe University and TÜBİTAK

A licence agreement has been signed between TÜBİTAK and Yeditepe University thanks to TÜBİTAK Technology Transfer Directorate and Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office (YUTTO) for Infrared Ear Thermometer Reference Calibration System, realized by TÜBİTAK NMI Medical Metrology Laboratory and Heat Laboratory.

Highly important for being the first technology transfer of TÜBİTAK NMI, the intellectual property rights of the Infrared Ear Thermometer Reference Calibration System are licenced to Yeditepe University with this agreement.

Thanks to this transfer, Yeditepe University Department of Physics Metrology and Calibration Laboratories (YUKAL) will produce the device locally in our country that will provide Infrared Ear Thermometers as well as calibrations for Infrared Ear Thermometers according to the standards and within the traceability chain.

Thanks to the device to be produced, while the measurement results of infrared ear thermometers that enable body temperature measurements without contact become more certain and consistent, these measurements that our healthcare personnel benefit from in the diagnosis process during the pandemic can be obtained more accurately. The areas of usage for these thermometers will not be limited to hospitals and medical centers, but they will also be used in various research and development centers that require sensitive temperature measurements and they can be used in international projects thanks to the calibration laboratories.

As a result of the production of the device, the current connections between the industry and Yeditepe University Department of Physics, as well as the university itself, and we will be able to achieve our goals in our development plan.

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